HOH Hunger Action Awareness Campaign

Activity Narrative  09/23/2015

We held a fundraising event at MCHS that was target for service learning campaign. We sold gourmet popcorn during a 49 minute time span, calling people gaining commitment to purchase this product, to help raise Hunger Awareness in Jefferson County. Classes set a $2,000 goal to raise and all profit from event will be donated to the House of Hope Food Pantry. We took time to work on calling individuals and gaining sales. We spent time together working on sorting popcorn that was delivered to the high school for this service learning project that we began working on last month. We sorted and checked orders and once we confirmed all of the orders were correct we delivered to customers who bought popcorn to help support the fight against hunger campaign. Between all classes students raised a profit in one day of $1,200.  The money we raised is directly given to the House Of Hope to help support their non profit business and close in on the ongoing problem in Jefferson Co with poverty and hunger. The picture above features the board members of the HOH, MCHS JAG Specialist, JAG President and Career Association Chapter member.

Classroom JAG Competencies Completed:

  • E30 Demonstrate Commitment to an Organization
  • G44 Explain the roles and function of a value-added organization
  • G46 Describe how to work and communicate with diverse people
  • H61 Demonstrate initiative and pro-activity

Students involved in activity/minutes completed:

  • Allen, Chelsee/200
  • Bennett, Brody/200
  • Blair, Dawn/200
  • Calhoun, Gunner/200
  • Cassidy, Lloyd/200
  • Compton, Camri/200
  • Cooper, Cosmos/200
  • Davis, Derek/200
  • Finney, Henry/200
  • Harris, Trace/200
  • Hughes, Corbin/200
  • James, Brandon/200
  • Jones, Kyndal/200
  • Julia, Graham/200
  • Kelly , Taylor/200
  • Mahoney, Jonathan/200
  • Mitchell , Ashley/200
  • Mix, Kacie/200
  • Monteko, Riley/200
  • Owens, Haley/200
  • Pearson , Alicia/200
  • Peck, Kettig/200
  • Ramey, Chanelle/200
  • Reece, Samuel/200
  • Roberts, Calvin/200
  • Rook, Alanna/200
  • Rose, John/200
  • Royalty , Kirkland/200
  • Scroggin, Jennifer/200
  • Scudder, James/200
  • Shipman, Lea/200
  • Smith , Bailey/200
  • Smith, Laykyn/200
  • Spann, Kennedy/200
  • Stidham, Ashlie/200
  • Stoll , Gabe/200
  • Stroud, Dustin/200
  • Truesdell, Shay/200
  • Wells, Chasity/200
  • White , Josh/200
  • Wilder, Jordan/200
  • Williams, Tyler/200

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