Activity Narrative  09/29/2015

We spent time today after school working with Jenny Youngblood to assist in the assembly of booths for Madison’s Annual Chautauqua.

We assisted setting up for the event that hosts live performances throughout the show and a variety of ethnic foods at Riverfront Foodfest along the Ohio River.

The Madison Chautauqua features artwork that is handmade and individually designed by the artist. Come and find your passion among paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, weaving, folk art, jewelry, fiber, wood, baskets, clay, glass, paper, leather and wearable art!

We met group organizer and received instructions for setting up fencing and putting up pop up tents for the booth. We completed this community service time to help the community business and we also learned customer service skills.

Classroom JAG Competencies Completed:

  • E30 Demonstrate Commitment to an Organization
  • H64 Demonstrate an ability to communicate and work with customers to satisfy expectations
  • H68 Demonstrate integrity and honest in dealings with internal and external customers

Students involved in activity/minutes completed:

  • LLoyd Cassidy/70
  • Ashlie Stidham/70
  • Gunner Calhoun/70
  • Sam Reece/70
  • Kacie Mix/70




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