Maverick Challenge/I&I


We worked over a duration of four months studying on how to build a small business and the skills you need to start a small business. We worked hard studying and spending time going over maverick challenge business and thoroughly covering how to find a business’s NAICS industry code. We also reviewed census Bureau website and were shown how navigate finding an industry and getting market information on that industry. Our Jag specialist showed us what Bureau of Labor Statistics was and how to navigate the information projected on economic information for a business. If you need someone to help you start your small business we are your guys.

After hard months of preparation we finally presented our projects to a panel that consisted of Julie Rigrish, Margaret Olson, and Nathan Hadley. We were forgiven 20 minutes for each presentation and we were judged on our business plan and presentation skills. After we delivered our presentations we all reported to lunch that day as a group gathered in the small gym and held the 2015-2016 I & I ceremony, where we as Chapter Members were officially inducted into this years 2015-2016 Jag class. Our specialist then inducted our Career Association officers where these individuals will remain in charge of  all of our projects for the remainder of the year. Our Career Association is a student-led organization that designs and organizes activities that promote leadership development, career development, social and civic awareness and community service.               

Officers were voted and selected for this event, and the winners are………

  • Brody Bennett Chapter President
  • Camri Compton Vice President
  • Cosmos Cooper Career Development VP
  • Taylor Kelly Civic Awareness VP
  • Laykyn Smith Social Awareness VP
  • Gunner Calhoun Leadership Development VP
  • Kennedy Spann Secretary 

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