2nd Annual Out of Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk & JAG AFSP Fund Raiser

Activity Narrative  09/1/2016-09/17/2016

When someone says the word disability, people stereotypically think, physical disability, but one of the biggest disabilities that youth our age struggle from is mental health disabilities. Mental health disabilities can be in the form of depression, addiction, anxiety and even result in suicide. One of our former JAG students took his life on Monday, March 23, 2015, at his home here in Madison Indiana. Ethan Stewart was a part of JAG so he was a part of our family.  Since his death, there have been multiple attempts and deaths in Madison Indiana that mental heath disability was at the root of. We are taking a stand to this illness and spreading awareness for the cause. The federal government says Indiana’s suicide rate among its middle-aged population surged nearly 54 percent from 1999 to 2010, giving the state one of the nation’s biggest increases.

On September 1st our entire program of students began running a fundraiser,  until the 12th, to raise money in efforts to help raise mental health awareness in Jefferson County. Our JAG program partnered with Great American Opportunity to donate 80% of our profit from our fundraiser to the 2nd Annual Out Of Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk, as a part of our Madison Consolidated Team. The remaining 20%  of our profit went back into our account here at the high school to help fund our Soup Stew Chili and Brew booth, where all profit from that event will be donated to a Mental Health group here in Jefferson County. What is the out of Darkness walk you may ask?  When you walk in the out of Darkness walks, you join the effort with hundreds of thousands of people –  raise awareness and funds that allow the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to invest in new research, create educational programs,  advocate for public policy, and support survivors of suicide loss. Each student took the time to prepare for two days before the fundraiser to gather as many names and numbers as possible to cold call family and friends in a “59-minute fundraiser”. Students spent their class period calling individuals selling tumblers to individuals and scheduling order money pickups before fall break. All the class got their money for their orders and turned everything in to our JAG specialist by the due date that was established on September 12th. Once tumblers came in, all of our JAG class got together and worked together to sort the product out and deliver to our customers who bought the tumblers and helped us rais money for the OOD Suicide Prevention walk. The check from our fundraiser will be presented to the ASPF at the event as a group from MCHS. We learned how to arrange an interview and properly speak with adults using the telephone, we learned communication skills and customer service, with sales skills.
On September 17th we gathered together as a chapter to support and work the 2nd Annual Suicide Prevention Walk here in Jefferson Co. We gathered early on the foggy banks of the Ohio river to help set up signs, chairs, tables and put together things to begin the event. We students and our JAG specialist worked together to help register walkers, sell raffle tickets, pass our water for the runners and gather raffle prizes for the drawing. We learned a lot at this event. We heard stories that were shared from many different people about losing their loved ones to suicide and we also learned what addiction and suicide can do to someone’s family. After the walk was over we spent time with the OOD leaders to clean up the riverfront from the event and help pick up the area where the event was held. We at the end, donated our raised funds, from our fundraiser, for $600 donated to the ASPF through the OOD Suicide Precention Walk.  We as Jag students vow to always help this fight to help support this cause.

  • E30 Demonstrate Commitment to an Organization
  • G44 Explain the roles and function of a value-added organization
  • G46 Describe how to work and communicate with diverse people
  • H61 Demonstrate initiative and pro-activity
  • D21 Comprehend Verbal Communications
  • D24 Communicate verbally
  • B10 Use the telephone to arrange an interview
  • H64 Demonstrate the ability to communicate and work with customers to satisfy  their expectations
  • H68 Demonstrate integrity and honesty in dealings with internal and external customers

Students involved in activity/minutes completed:

  • Acre Kaley
    Anderson Daniel
    Bartlett Daman
    Blair Dawn
    Bowyer Miranda
    Burnett Zachary
    Day Nicholas
    Douglass Chelsey
    Dowery Nonica
    Egerton Mariah
    Erwin Logan
    Feutz Tristin
    Giar Michael
    Graham Julia
    Hannaford Keegan
    Hughes Corbin
    Hunt Johnny
    Long Russell
    Mack Trajan
    McCoy Gabrielle
    Mendoza Cory
    Motenko Riley
    Pearson Joshua
    Rook Alanna
    Sauley Kaci
    Scroggin Jacob
    Scroggin Jennifer
    Sizemore Dalton
    Smith Bailey
    Stoll Gabriel
    Tellez Gachuz Claudia
    Thomas Madelyn
    Wells Chasity
    Whitaker Thomas
    Willhite Samantha
    Wilson Gabrielle
    Wilson-Sorensen Emyly

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