Soup Stew Chilli & Brew Fundraiser for The Coalition for Teens and Young Adults in Jefferson Co.

Activity Narrative  10/1/2016-10/8/2016



October 1st: Today we began our 2nd disability awareness project. 20% of our funds raised from the OOD fundraiser we held as JAG students will go towards the Soup Stew Chilli and Brew where our JAG class will have a booth and work our booth to help raise money and awareness for mental health in Jefferson Co. Our group has been working with Lide White Memorial Boys and Girls Club director Ray Black Sheilla Coffin from Jefferson County United Way to establish the appropriate service dedication for funding that will be raised at the soup stew chili and brew and as a group we decided to donate all of our funds raised at Soup Stew Chilli and Bew to “The Collation for Teens and Young Adults” that is hosted at the Boys and Girls Club. The event will be targeted to continue raising awareness for mental health disabilities in Jefferson Co as a part of the statewide service initiative “disability awareness”. We worked on getting advertisement flyers finished for the event and distribute them out to different organizations for their support in running the event. We did gather several donations from different people and organizations to help us with preparing for our booth.

October 6th-7th: Today we met with our specialist to work on prepping our chili and soup for our Soup Stew Chilli and Brew booth. We worked on our sanitation skills, food prep skills, listening skills, and communication skills. We met with our specialist today and fellow program members at MCHS where we used our highschool’s cooking lab to make everything to sell at the event. We will sell chili, soup, drinks, and cookies to raise awareness for our booth.

October 8th: Today we met and worked on setting up their booth at Soup Stew Chili and Brew, preparing the station for food service and providing prospected customers with information about what the group was raising money for. We handed out flyers about the Coalition for Teens and Young Adults and handed our intervention specialist cards while providing tidbits of information about the services for mental health in Jefferson Co. We had several volunteers such as Brandy Bolls assistant at the Boys and Girls Club and the director of the B&G Club Ray Black. We as a group collected 278 tickets for the both and raised $75 from donations to their fund. We raised a grand total of $450 for our event. Once the group is mailed their check for their ticket sales we will be presenting the money that we raised for the organization at our I&I Ceremony which will be combined with a makeover for the “Teen Room” at the Boys and Girls Club.

  • E30 Demonstrate Commitment to an Organization
  • G44 Explain the roles and function of a value-added organization
  • G46 Describe how to work and communicate with diverse people
  • H61 Demonstrate initiative and pro-activity
  • D21 Comprehend Verbal Communications
  • D24 Communicate verbally
  • H64 Demonstrate the ability to communicate and work with customers to satisfy  their expectations
  • H68 Demonstrate integrity and honesty in dealings with internal and external customers
  • E27 Demonstrate Team Leadership
  • E26 Demonstrate Team Membership

Students involved in activity/minutes completed:

  • Riley Motenko
  • Kaley Acre
  • Chelsey Douglass
  • Gabe Stoll
  • Madelyn Thomas
  • Chasity Wells
  • Julia Graham
  • Samantha Willhite
  • Zach Burnett
  • Emyly Wilson-Sorenson



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