Fall Sports/Annual Booster Jamboree

Activity Narrative 08/05/2016-

Chapter members worked at the fall Jamboree and concessions throughout the sports season to help raise money for the athletic department at MCHS. Chapter members volunteered to work concessions where they worked on customer service skills and commitment to an organization.

Purpose of this event was to give back to their school by providing their service to work the event to help raise money for our MCHS athletic department. Students helped sell sports admission tickets, set up and break down props and worked concessions.

The benefit of this project was to build a partnership with our schools athletic department and show our dedication to our school as Jag students. Our assistance with the even helped our athletic department raise over $9,500 that will go to our athletic department for fall and spring sports at MCHS. Helping provide our athletes with better equipment while playing their sports and new uniforms.

Classroom Competencies Completed

  • E30 Demonstrate commitment to an organization
  • H64 Demonstrate an ability to communicate and work with customers to satisfy their expectation

Chapter Members that Attended/Minutes Completed 

Mariah Egerton

Dalton Sizemore

Riley Motenko

Kaley Acre

Jacob Scroggin

Alanna Rook

Claudia Tellez-Gachuz


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