A Night of Dedication

Activity Narrative  10/8/2016-10/24/2016

October 24th:  Tonight the Lide White Boys & Girls Club completed their re-dedication to the “Teen Room” at the Boys and Girls Club. The director Ray Black and our JAG specialist worked together to make this a joined effort and have our I&I Ceremony with the celebration of the money we raised for the Teen Room.  Our local Aaron’s made a major donation of brand new equipment for the Teen Room, including a wrap around sectional with over 43 feet of seating capacity, as well as, two 50″ Flat Screen TVs plus a Blu Ray Player! A complete paint makeover was completed because the paint was donated by our local Sherwin-Williams Paint Store. Staff from the National offices of Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Aaron’s were there as well as our Mayor Damon Welch and several other board members of the group.  Our MadJAG program celebrated our Installation and Initiation Ceremony of its officers and members after the Club’s re-dedication, for their continuing efforts to support the Club. The MadJAG program did full check presentation to the Club for their efforts in raising money at this years annual Soup Stew Chilli and Brew, for The Coalition for Teens & Young Adults. In our efforts to raise awareness our group was able to raise $450 and donate to the group and their Coalition for Teens. This service initiative was created by MadJAG and United Way, to help raise mental health awareness in Jefferson Co. So this is an additional opportunity to recognize our Teens & Young Adults!


  • E30 Demonstrate Commitment to an Organization
  • G44 Explain the roles and function of a value-added organization
  • H64 Demonstrate the ability to communicate and work with customers to satisfy  their expectations
  • H68 Demonstrate integrity and honesty in dealings with internal and external customers
  • E27 Demonstrate Team Leadership
  • E26 Demonstrate Team Membership

Students involved in activity/minutes completed:

  • Kaley Acre
  • Daniel Anderson
  • Daman Bartlett
  • Dawn Blair
  • Miranda Bowyer
  • Zachary Burnett
  • Nicholas Day
  • Chelsey Douglass
  • Nonica Dowery
  • Mariah Egerton
  • Logan Erwin
  • Tristin Feutz
  • Michael Giar
  • Julia Graham
  • Keegan Hannaford
  • Corbin Hughes
  • Johnny Hunt
  • Russell Long
  • Trajan Mack
  • Gabrielle McCoy
  • Cory Mendoza
  • Riley Motenko
  • Joshua Pearson
  • Alanna Rook
  • Kaci Sauley
  • Jacob Scroggin
  • Jennifer Scroggin
  • Dalton Sizemore
  • Bailey Smith
  • Gabriel Stoll
  • Claudia TellezGachuz
  • Madelyn Thomas
  • Chasity Wells
  • Thomas Whitaker
  • Samantha Willhite
  • Gabrielle Wilson
  • Emyly Wilson-Sorensen

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