Suicide Prevention Fundraiser


8/25- In the morning CUB time our students got to listen to a guest speaker named Eric Johnson who came from the  great American opportunities to work with the students on completing the 90-minute fundraiser. This fundraiser would help the students learn how to use a telephone appropriately use their communication skills, also use any selling skills they obtained and help the students learn how to achieve goals. The students use the class times. Today students got to call customers and sell items for the out of Darkness Suicide Prevention walk that Mrs Leahigh our At-risk counselor, JAG specialist, Jag students and fellow students at MCHS signed up a team for the walk to help support our JAG students and fellow community members who have suffered from loss. Our Students will also be selling t-shirts to raise money and all profits from the fundraiser will be going to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and a check presentation will be given at the Out of Darkness Walk on September 16th. Our Students will continue selling cups, t-shirts and raising money until September the 7th to donate on the day of walk.
9/1- Our Students spent the day doing an exercise online to prep for the following suicide prevention week. Students were given this assignment on google classroom to complete. The suicide prevention week begins on September 10th and ends on September 16th, as a part of our service initiative this year, the JAG classes are going to work together to take a stand against suicide and bullying. It is no secret that here in our community, there is needed help. The biggest way to get support is to raise awareness which our students agree with on this subject. The service initiatives are all about giving back because people never know when things can happen to them. When posting to social media with our picture for the walk the JAG classes are asked to use #MCHSwalksfor and donate if possible. Sign up to walk on our team or get one person to sign up in your place, or as a volunteer or get one person to volunteer to help with the walk.  (athletes with events and working students are excused).

Competencies Attained:

H64, D24, E30, E26

Student Participation:


Abbot, Dylan 12
Acre, Kaley 12
Anderson, Hunter 11
Bartlett, Daman 12
Beasley, Emma 12
Black, Bailey 12
Bladen, Raymond 11
Block, Gracie 11
Boldery, Brick 12
Broyles, Patrick 11
Clark, Dylan 11
Cline, Camdon 12
Daugherty, Hannah 11
Day, Cloe 11
Dowery, Nonica 12
Downing, Landon 11
Egerton, Mariah 12
Ferris, Hunter 11
Foster, Ashlee 11
Gray, Nick 11
Hall, Amilia 12
Hannaford , Keegan 12
Hatton, Gaberiel 12
Hernandez, Alexandra 12
Humes, Jace 11
Jameison, Trent 11
Leach , Eric 11
Livingston, Carson 11
Mack, Trajan 12
Mahoney, Elisabeth 11
Martinon, Katherin 12
Mendoza, Cory 12
Nash, Natajah 12
Nutley, Cain 12
Oliver, Makensie 12
Owen, Quenton 11
Parmar, Sahil 11
Porter, Jesse 11
Riley, Rebekah 11
Sauley, Kaci 12
Scott, Trenton 11
Scroggin, Jacob 12
Sharkey, Sophia 11
Sizemore, Dalton 12
Taylor, Kayla 12
Thomas, Madelyn 12
Todd, Adam 12
Warren, Hanna 11
Webster, Chance 12
Wehner, Stanley 11
Wilson, James 11
Wright, Autumn 12



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