Out Of Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk #mchswalksfor…


9/16-Today our students met at Bicentennial park for the 3rd Out of Darkness Suicide Prevention walk. Our students have worked with great American Opportunity and with a local printing business to help raise money for the team that was created at MCHS by our JAG Program and At-Risk Counselor, Natasha Leahigh. The JAG Program has created a team named #MCHSwalksfor… The students combined money of their t-shirt and cup orders raised $2300 to donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Our students also had a booth where they continued to sell t-shirts at the event. Students and faculty members that were on our suicide prevention team showed up in their tie dyed #MCHSWalks4…. Shirts and supported the cause for about 4 hours on that Saturday morning. Students and specialist were called up on stage to do a check presentation to the out of darkness outrage coordinator and former student’s mother Christy Stewart. Christie did a heartfelt introduction to the entire crowd about how JAG has helped and work so closely with 3 families in Jefferson County who have all lost their children, who were former JAG students, to suicide. All members then participated in the walk and Helped finish selling T shirts and cleaning up the event.

Keep tabs on our blog because every year we will be working for the effort to fight suicide in Madison and Jefferson Co. Take a stand like we do and make a difference.


Competencies Attained:


Students Participation

  • Thomas,
  • Acre,
  • Wright,
  • Boldery,




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