Puerto Rico Power Drive/LDC


11/3: Today we will be wrapping up our efforts in our 1st ever Puerto Rican Power Drive at MCHS.  Despite the efforts of what the most recent hurricanes have done to our country we as a JAG program and a Consolidated high school have came together and worked hard to do a one week power drive to raise donations for the hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico.  One of our regional JAG programs, Seymour high school, has a very unique individual as a JAG specialist who is from Puerto Rico and has lost all of her personal belongings and right now it’s struggling to overcome the devastation of the hurricane to her home and family.  And we as JAG students, far and wide, are united as a family through this program.

If one needs help, we all will help . We worked hard with our student body to seek donations for D batteries and bottled water, to gather and take to North Vernon Educational Training center and deliver to Belizabeth Vasquez, our Bi-lingual JAG Specialist, so she may take those back to Puerto Rico and help her community and family that are in need. We to Together as a school and JAG class have gathered over 30 cases of bottled water from local businesses and over 30 packs of D batteries to contribute to the donations that will be shipped back to Puerto Rico.

The pictures you see are our Career Association officers working with the Seymour Owls to pack up donations and head back to Seymour after an awesome day at our LDC.

Today we learned alot about being a leader and how to serve he people who need it the most. Thanks to our Outreach Coordinator Julie Thompson for putting this together for us and helping us network with other programs for our first ever, Leadership Development Conference.

(images are from 11/1-11/3)


Competencies Attained:

H64, D24, E30, E26

Student Participation:


Abbot, Dylan 12
Acre, Kaley 12
Anderson, Hunter 11
Bartlett, Daman 12
Beasley, Emma 12
Black, Bailey 12
Bladen, Raymond 11
Block, Gracie 11
Boldery, Brick 12
Broyles, Patrick 11
Clark, Dylan 11
Cline, Camdon 12
Daugherty, Hannah 11
Day, Cloe 11
Dowery, Nonica 12
Downing, Landon 11
Egerton, Mariah 12
Ferris, Hunter 11
Foster, Ashlee 11
Gray, Nick 11
Hall, Amilia 12
Hannaford , Keegan 12
Hatton, Gaberiel 12
Hernandez, Alexandra 12
Humes, Jace 11
Jameison, Trent 11
Leach , Eric 11
Livingston, Carson 11
Mack, Trajan 12
Mahoney, Elisabeth 11
Martinon, Katherin 12
Mendoza, Cory 12
Nash, Natajah 12
Nutley, Cain 12
Oliver, Makensie 12
Owen, Quenton 11
Parmar, Sahil 11
Porter, Jesse 11
Riley, Rebekah 11
Sauley, Kaci 12
Scott, Trenton 11
Scroggin, Jacob 12
Sharkey, Sophia 11
Sizemore, Dalton 12
Taylor, Kayla 12
Thomas, Madelyn 12
Todd, Adam 12
Warren, Hanna 11
Webster, Chance 12
Wehner, Stanley 11
Wilson, James 11
Wright, Autumn 12

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