Community Service Plans 2016-2017

Chapter Plan of Work  2016-2017

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Our goal at MCHS is to provide our community with service hours where we as students grow as young adults and give back to the community we live in. We learn several different soft and hard skills while completing these hours and we also get to meet new people whom we can network with, meanwhile, we are practicing our 37+ Core Competencies that our program teaches us throughout the year.

This year’s annual theme is, “Disability Awareness”

Leadership Development                                            Projected Date/Date Completed

  • Initiation and Installation Ceremony                     09/23/2016       –    10/24/2016
  • Leadership Camp with SGT Carvalho and Army National Gaurd

09/19/2016                Spring/2017

  • Disability Transition Fair

10/19/2016                 Feb (Human Relations Month)/2017

Career Preparation

  • Career Development Conference   (regional)                        01/20/2017
  • Career Development Conference (state)                                 03/17/2017

Civic Awareness

  • Soup Stew Chilli and Brew Booth for Coalition for Teens and Young Adults in Jefferson Co.                                                    09/23/2016          10/24/2016
  • Suicide Prevention Fundraiser for OOD Suicide Prevention    09/01/2016         09/17/2016

Social Awareness

  • Work with school to provide help with concessions              08/07/2016          05/29/2017
    • Booster Club Jamboree Concessions                                 08/07/2016          08/07/2016
      • MCHS Sports Concessions                                          08/07/2016          09/28/2016