Community Service Plans 2017-2018

Chapter Plan of Work  2017-2018

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Our service initiative this year is “Bully Prevention”. As a team we have worked with our Advisory Board to plan and gather ideas that best serve our school and community with services events and projects. Our advisory board is working hard with us this year as mentors and facilitators for the school in helping us establish plans to fit the needs of the students at MCHS.

Leadership Development                                                     Projected Date/Date Completed

  • Initiation and Installation Ceremony                                   09/23/2017       –    10/24/2017
  • Leadership Development Conference                                                                  11/03/2017
  • Workforce Job Fair                                                                    02/16/2018      –    04/19/2018

Career Preparation

  • Career Development Conference   (Regional)                                                     01/26/2018
  • Career Development Conference (State)                                                              03/16/2017

Civic Awareness

  • Attend County Council meeting to discuss project partnering with JAG      02/13/2018

Social Awareness

  • Partner with Mrs Leahigh to work on Bully Prevention Project09/01/2017-10/31/2017
    • Make lesson plans for cub pride-bully prevention project


  • Plan “Caught Being Good” positive behavior project                    09/18/2017-10/02/2017
    • Begin “Caught Being Good” positive behavior project        10/02/2017-11/03/2017

Community Service

  • Suicide Prevention Project Fundraiser                                           08/24/2017-09/13/2017
    • Project #MCHSwalksfor…                                                         08/27/2017-09/16/2017